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A30 overlapping extruded aluminum guides (with brush) (ML)

Aluminum guide for roller shutters with windproof and anti-friction brush suitable for Standard roller shutter profiles 11x45 - 11.7x63.5 - 12x50 - 12x55 - 13x50 - 13x55 - 14x50 - 14x55mm. The A30 guide presents measures 19,5x30mm. The most used as a replacement guide. NB For each roller shutter you need two guides.

Roller shutter in PVC

PVC roller shutter ADVANTAGES Thermal / acoustic insulation : the structure of the PVC profile, with internal air chambers, ensures acoustic and thermal performance. Resistance to salt : our PVC shutters can be installed without problems near sea areas as it is not attacked by salt. Excellent dimensional stability : our PVC roller shutters guarantee...

15-channel remote control for radio-controlled roller shutter motors

15-channel radio control Remote control for roller shutter motors that allows you to radio control up to 15 radio motors individually or through channel 00 all 15 at the same time. Remote control suitable for radio-controlled engine and radio control unit.
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