In order to make your shopping experience on our site as transparent as possible, we have created this page which indicates the production times for the tailor-made creation of each item and the packaging for shipping. Also in each product sheet you will find on the right, under the price, what are the production times.

ATTENTION : The times indicated below refer to the tailor-made production and simultaneous packaging of the goods. Delivery takes place in 1 or 2 subsequent working days (except for delays by the courier) from the moment the express courier collects the goods at our warehouse.

N.B. :

  • we sell customized products; before contacting us for delays, take note of the production times shown in the product sheet (Saturday and Sunday we will be closed).
  • bulky products may be subject to delivery delays because they are delivered by dedicated means.
  • Remember: at any time you can check the status of your orders and shipments in the "Orders" section of your account by logging into our store.

Production and shipping times of the shutters

Product Production days
PVC shutters- 5/7 working days for Standard profile
- 10/12 working days for mini 8x37mm profile
PVC and fiberglass shutters- 8/10 working days
Aluminum shutters- 5/6 days 12x55mm Standard
- 8/9 days 12x55mm High Density
- 3 days 14x55mm Standard and High Density
- 8/9 days for mini roller shutters 9x45mm
- 16/18 days for roller shutters 8.3x30mm mini flat profile
Steel roller shutters- 8/10 days for Standard steel
- 12/14 days for Mini steel
- 20/30 days for HD steel request availability
Energy saving shutters

- 8/10 working days (Duero55)
- 15-17 working days (for AriaLuce a foro largo)

AriaLuce aluminum shutters

- 10/12 working days for ST insulation

- 17/19 working days for HD insulation (for wide hole or Mosquito repellent)
- 17/18 working days (for Petit30 with wide hole)

Armored shutters in extruded aluminum- 15/20 working days (for curved, flat or micro-perforated profile)
- 15/20 working days (for AriaLuce Double Space)

Production and shipping times for roller shutter accessories

Product Production days
Motors for roller shutters- 24 hours or in the day
Accessories for roller shutters- 1 / 2 working days
External aluminum bins- 8/10 working days for white and dark brown
- 15 / 20 days for ivory 1015, silver and raw colors
Insulated boxes- 10 - 15 working days
Cantilever frames in iron- 5 working days Side lever
- 10/15 working days Central lever
Cantilever frames aluminum- 5/7 working days Side lever
- 10/15 working days Central lever
Top hung frames in painted aluminum- 5/7 working days vi Side lever
- 10/15 working days Central lever
Roller shutter guides- 2/3 working days


Different payment methods can change the shipping time, for example in the case of payment by bank transfer you will wait for the credit to be credited before proceeding with the processing of the goods.

Some orders are split due to production needs (in the event that the order contains items made in different locations) the customer still pays the shipping costs only once but will receive the goods with two separate orders and different production times. When a part of the order is ready for shipment, it is sent to the recipient while the remainder of the order is automatically placed in the backorder and shipped as soon as possible.

Before placing the order. purchase, if it is of an urgent nature, consider that the date indicated may be subject to changes for organizational and logistical reasons, sometimes not directly attributable to our company.

Advice on the delivery of goods 

When you receive the goods, take these small but important precautions:

Check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;

Check that the packaging is intact and not damaged with obvious holes, Bartolini tape or metal strapping;

Whenever possible, unpack the product immediately and check for damage.

For any communication on the progress of the or dine uses the Contact form.

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