Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass
Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass
Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass
Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass
Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass
Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass

Roller shutter in PVC (reinforced) and fiberglass *Required step

Roller shutter in reinforced PVC


  • Thermal / acoustic insulation : the structure of the PVC profile , with internal air chambers, ensures acoustic and thermal performance.
  • Resistance to salt : our PVC shutters can be installed without problems near sea areas in what is not attacked by salt.
  • Excellent dimensional stability : our PVC roller shutters guarantee the functional stability of the shape and do not require metal reinforcements.
  • Eco-sustainability : fully recyclable at the end of use.
  • Self-extinguishing .
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The roller shutter in glass fiber reinforced PVC (standard specific weight of 4.5, 5 and 6 kg / m2) is made with self-hooking slats (double-walled, with internal stiffening intersections and resin reinforcements ) which measure 13 mm at the base and 55 mm in height.

The profile is equipped with an "anti-slip" side stop which is used to block the slats. Thanks to its PVC reinforcement, the profile acquires mechanical strength and dimensional stability no longer requiring the application of metal reinforcements. For correct operation (avoid buckling problems), ALWAYS equip the roller shutter with the ALUMINUM TERMINAL (9x55mm or 14x55mm) or IRON TERMINAL .  

The PVC and fiberglass shutters purchased with dark colors or large sizes, if placed in very sunny areas, over time they could arch on the lower part. To reduce the possibility of deformation (arching), we suggest the use of the extruded aluminum terminal.

To avoid arching, if necessary, consider purchasing aluminum shutters .


- Check that the area where the roller shutter will be placed is not exposed to the sun for long hours during the day and that the roller shutter does not have dark colors or excessive measurements;

- If the roller shutter is equipped with top-hung frame, make sure it is closed during the sunny hours, otherwise, given the position of the roller shutter, the buckling could occur more easily;

- When closing the roller shutters for prolonged times, it is not recommended to hermetically close the shutters roller shutters, we suggest to leave the ventilation holes open (the slots of the shutters) to allow the recycling of air and avoid deformations due to overheating;

- Avoid using PVC and glass fiber shutters without an extruded terminal with the use of protruding frames, especially if the installation area is very sunny;

- When closing the shutter, it is recommended to leave an opening on the lower part, avoiding that the last slat at the bottom of the shutter can rest hermetically on the underlying marble of the light compartment, this is used to make the air cycle more. cannot be held responsible for this problem , which is due to the lack of specific additives now prohibited in the processing of PVC.

PVC can reach, during prolonged exposure to the sun or in unventilated environments, a temperature such as to compromise the stability of the product (arching on the lower part of the shutter), the glass fiber present in the interior no of the slats will provide elasticity to the shutter but the outside is still in PVC

The Vicat degree (softening temperature) required by the UNI standard for PVC is 80 °.


- For PVC and fiber shutters in dark colors and excessive sizes, the use of extruded aluminum ends is recommended.

- The maneuver kit does not include the guides; we recommend looking at our section on guides for shutters (Click here)

- The maneuver kit does not include the buttons; we recommend looking at our section on engine accessories (Click here)

- The roller shutter will be shipped complete with the roller attachment system. 

- The roller shutter will be supplied with lateral slat stop hooks.

- The roller shutter will be supplied with slotted slats.

- The roller shutter will be supplied with holes for the plugs stop. If you do not want the holes, indicate the request in the Final Notes of the order before confirming the same (you can also insert them in the estimate which you can then transform into an order).

- In case of motorization, as a system anti-lifting, Sicurbloc can be used.

For a correct purchase, we recommend that you follow our guide in order to avoid mistaking the measurements and receiving a product that is not suitable for your needs.

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